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  • Floor grinding segments
  • Floor grinding segments
  • Floor grinding segments
  • Floor grinding segments
Floor grinding segmentsFloor grinding segmentsFloor grinding segmentsFloor grinding segments

We can sell floor grinding discs for kinds of floor grinders, also we could sell segment individually.

There is a big problem for one client since his previous supplier just mark grit & bond on box outside. When segments arrive Custom and taken out for random check, they are totally mixed up with different bonds or different grits. It is impossible for our clients to pick them out by eyes, especially there are many grits and bonds in parcel.

Therefore, we print the grit and bond on EACH floor grinding segment. And it is quite easy for clients to distinguish them. Below are some segments photos ordered from a client for you guys' reference. Any other special requirement or problem need to be solved, please feel free to discuss with us. We are happy to be helpful.

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